Barton Stacey’s own Knights

Chalk Warriors 1We have completed  the construction of our own Knights for the Knight decorating competition.

Groups around the village have started decorating their Knighs and we know there are some wonderful ideas which we cannot wait to see.

IMG_20160406_155752668Construction starts with 3 foam blanks cut from a sheet of insulation – These are roughly sawn to form the desired shape and then 3 similar pieces are glued together to form the basic block that forms a knight.




Detail is then cut into the top block to a standard pattern and the remainder of the blocks are then cut and sanded to size.    Each Knight is 120cm x 40cm x 30cm but they are relatively light and easy to handle.   The Knights only have a basic shape to allow  individuality in painting and decorating them.   The foam has natural imperfections which give it a stone like look.

Once filled and shaped the Knight is ready for painting – No 1 here will have one final sand and his shield added before painting starts.

Each one then has a number of coats of white exterior paint applied to provide an easy surface to add Acrylic or poster paints.

Church parade 3

Once painted the Knights will get two coats of varnish to give weather protection and then be displayed throughout the festival

See more on the competition here


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