Knight Decorating Competition

Barton Stacey Knights

As part of our medieval celebrations we are building a number of medieval Knights.   Each of these Knights are being distributed to groups around the village to decorate.   We would like your group to decorate one of these, which would need to be finished by June 6th so we can add weather protection and use them at events both before, during and after the 775 Festival.

Chalk Warriors 2

After a number of attempts to make the Knights we have settled on a coated,  carved,  solid foam Knight completed in a simplistic style to give scope for your group to personalise it.


The idea of the Knights is similar to the Barons produced for Salisbury and Lincoln Catherdrals  and we have attached pictures of some of these at the end of this note to give you some ideas about what can be done.    See more at  We want these Knights to be personal to your group and to Barton Stacey, so its time for your artistic flare to come out.


Rogo de Sacy after whom Bertune Stacey is named and his son Emery were Knights, who  fought in the Crusades, in England and France for Kings Richard I(Lionheart) , John and Henry III


The construction of the Knights makes them lightweight and easy to handle but they are vunerable to sharp objects, which can break through the outer coat and expose the foam core.  They do take a considerable amount of time to make so please take care of them and as a result here are some guidelines on what to do.


  1. The foam in the Knights is coated with a paint that provides a solid paintable surface very much like artists canvas.
  2. This surface will take Gloss, Emulsion, Acrylic, and water based paints, PVA and hot glue adhesives (DO NOT use any solvent based adhesives or paints). The outer coat is resistant but the foam core can be attacked by solvents, so we have provided a test piece for you if you need to use any other paint or glue etc.
  3. The surface is repairable if there are small areas of damage, with a soft filler such as modelling filler, artex powder or plaster of paris and then painting with a matt paint,  however we would caution against sanding the surface as this can expose the softer foam core and lead to indentations or holes.    Please feel free to contact us if you do suffer any damage and we can advise on the best approach for repair.
  4. If you wish to attach anything to your Knight then this needs to be solid and firmly glued on ( e.g. you will need to solidify any added fabric with PVA or similar. However please do not obscure the Knight completely – you’ll get some ideas from the attached pictures.
  5. We do have small offcuts of the foam used to build the Knights which we are happy for you to have, to carve small additions to your Knight on a first come first served basis.   We will advise you on attaching and providing a base coat to these.
  6. If you have used child friendly or other water based paints we will need to add a spray on clear coat to prevent water damage.
  7. The Knights will be on display at the Fete, and other events during the 775 Festival, at the school and in the church.
  8. Knights will be judged and prizes awarded.



Knights on guard

The Knights are ready so you have pleanty of time to decide on your winning design.  Get your planning underway now as you will only have a month to paint it.  We must have the Knights back by the 6th June.   The illustration is our first Knight part way through construction.


The Knights will be approximately 4 feet high around 20” across and around a foot deep  (1200 x 500 x 300mm).


We are hoping to see some real design and artistic flair, so we have added only simple details to the base model and leave you to paint or decorate to your hearts content.


You can get more ideas and details on the fete website  and from the Salisbury and Lincoln knights attached to this letter.   We are hoping you can decorate a Knight to represent what your group is all about and how it fits into the village.


Have fun we are hoping this will be a lasting feature of our celebrations.



  1. The Knight must represent your group and Barton Stacey
  2. No cutting or reshaping of the Knight
  3. Any additions must be rigid and perminantly attached
  4. No piercing or screwing of Knight. Additions should be glued on ( PVA or hot glue work well)
  5. No offensive writing or painting etc
  6. Must be available by 6th June
  7. The form we will provide to be returned with painted Knight must be completed – find it here


Any questions – contact Stuart on 760 213


Now some ideas from the Salisbury and Lincoln barons

lincoln knightssalisbury knights

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