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Knights at the great hall for Easter

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Cygnets Quiz    photographs and the questions in case you could not make it

Barton Stacey Church Fete is held each year on the first SaturDSC_0089day in July and its aim is to raise funds for the upkeep of the fabric of Barton Stacey Church which in part dates back to the 11th Century.

This year, 2016, traced the Fetes history back 775 years to the reign of Henry III when he granted the manor of Barton Stacey the right to hold an annual fair on the Feast and Vigil of St Margaret.


The original Fair would have been a place whereDSC_0094 goods were sold and simple fun and games entertained one and all.   Our Fete continues in this manner with Stalls selling produce, gifts’ nick nacks, competitions, games, food and drink to sustain you through the festivities  DSC_0104 Barton Stacey 775 Fete 2016 (84) Barton Stacey 775 Fete 2016 (1) Barton Stacey 775 Fete 2016 (38) Barton Stacey 775 Fete 2016 (54) Barton Stacey 775 Fete 2016 (55) Barton Stacey 775 Fete 2016 (72)

All our stalls this year had a medieval theme celebrating  our 775th anniversary.  Stallholders dressed in medieval costumes,  Knights fought in the arena and archers practiced their craft.   The armoury sold swords and shields which went like hot cakes and there was the opportunity to decorate your own mini Knight.

Cider and honey making were demonstrated and there was fresh bread baked on site and wax candles to buy.

While Mystic Peg told fortunes the Tug of War and Dog Show took place in Arena 2.

The history group outlines the fascinating history of the two Knights Rogo and Emery de Sacy and the Barton Stacey Painted Knights were on display.

All the usual stalls were also present and with plate smashing, Skittles, Races and coconuts there was plenty to do.

The Fete is always held on the  1st Saturday in July.

Come and join in the fun.

Established by Royal Charter in 1241