Medieval Re-enactment

No medieval fair would be complete without its Knights and Ladies.   So apart from our own junior Knights and Ladies we are proud to be 1467436_581579105225143_2022587285_n joined by the Lions and Lilies to give us a real taste of a the medieval court.

The Knights and squires in the Lions and Lilies have been trained by a renowned sword Master and both the displays and the mini tournaments are very realistic. Archery has the thump of wooden arrows propelled by the mighty longbow in the hands of the skilled bowmenAlan 2012

The ladies not only will charm you with usk-castle-and-house-1dance but may show you techniques in the style of sword fighting created for ladies combat in medieval times, or perhaps the archery of the hunt. Junior members of the family are not forgotten with dressing up, weapons training, and have a go archery or maybe the ladies will let them join in the dance.

Sign up as a Squire in training and have a go at the art of the longbow.

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Established by Royal Charter in 1241