Produce Box

This is the second year of our produce box competition.    The rules are the same – present a box of locally grown produce which must contain two of the following:  vegtables, Fruit or Floproduce-box-1 produce-boxwers

The Veg, Fruit  and Flowers must be home / allotment grown, by the person submitting the entry. It is realised that  July is early for most crops but “baby” produce will be acceptable.

See if you can improve on these wonderful boxes from last year


Each entry must have a combination of at least two of the above catagories, and must have at least three of each item.
The box / container must be no bigger then 12 inches square / in circumference.

Judging will consider:
1. Presentation
2. Quality of produce

£1 per entry. Entries to be delivered to the Competition tent at the Fete by 2pm on the day of the Fete. Name of competitior to be put on bottom of container.


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