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Our fete is one of the oldest Fairs in the country set up by Royal Charter in 1241 and from what we can see has been held contineously since then.

The Fete, does not go ahead without the support and effort of the people of Barton Stacey, their families and friends.    We have a dedicated team who organise the fete each year.

Something for a specific stall or activity
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Helpers and Stall Holders
Our dedicated team of helpers and stall holders work with us year after year preparing and running stalls, organising competitions and games, making and selling goods and produce, growing plants and vegetables, finding all manner of ways to raising money.   There is always room for willing helpers so please click on come join us to get involved.

Planning and Preparation
Organising next years Fete starts at the wrap up meeting in July following each years Fete,  Planning gets underway in earnest from January with the team meeting monthly through to June.   From then the preparations pick up pace preparing the site, making sure all the equipment is ready, setting up and of course after the Fete stripping down and packing away.

Please get in touch if you can help
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Established by Royal Charter in 1241