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The 2017 Fete will be held at Church Farm House on Saturday July 1st gates open at 1:30pm

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Childrens Races

Barton Stacey Church Fete is held each year on the first Saturday in July and its aim is to raise funds for the upkeep of the fabric of Barton Stacey Church which in part dates back to the 11th Century.

We have been at Church Farm House for more than 10 years and have always been welcomed by Jean Talbot and her family.   So it was very sad to hear that Jean had died in January of this year and the family have asked us to hold one more Fete at Church Farm House in her memory which we are happy to do.   Jean was a great friend of the fete and always loved to wander around and meet people who had come to enjoy themselves.  Jean will be very much missed by all the fete team.

We will have all the usual stalls, along with some exciting new ones, so come along and enjoy a wonderful day of entertainment, fun and games.   We will have the BBQ and bar  along with teas cakes and ice creams.   The WI are running our competitions so have a go and see if you can win one of their events.   We still have the children races and bouncy castle and the tug of war will be as much fun as ever we are sure.  Plus loads more

This year, 2017, we also remember Barton Stacey’s Great Fire.

At around midday on the 8th May 1792 a large flake of red hot iron flew out of Mr Moody’s blacksmiths and tool making shop situated at the north end of the village – somewhere between Chalk Dell and Bullington lane on the East side of the street.   The spark ignited some dry litter in a nearby cucumber bed which set light to the thatch on the adjoining mill house.  The mill house was quickly in flames and the poor horse providing the power for the mill could not be saved.

There was a strong North wind and this blew the fire directly into the line of the Street lighting one house after the other until the majority of the village was in flames.   27 houses, thirteen barns, 10 stables, several granaries and 4 ricks were soon in flames.   The thatched garden walls were destroyed as were wagons, carts and corn, plus 28 pigs and many chickens were also lost.

There was only one casualty Farmer Friend who died when he returned to his house to get his stash of money and the roof collapsed onto him.

The village took refuge in the church and the diocese appointed a vicar to look after the population.

A committee was established to raise the money to rebuild the village and support those who had lost everything and money started to come in from all over the country.

We know so much about the fire because the Hampshire Chronicle has started 20 years earlier and the Chronicle featured many articles on the fire and the efforts to raise the needed funds.

Come along to the fete and hear more from the history group about the Great Fire of Barton Stacey

Last year, 2016, Barton Stacey traced the Fetes history back 775 years to the reign of Henry III when he granted the manor of Barton Stacey the right to hold an annual fair on the Feast and Vigil of St Margaret.    So we went all medieval as you can see below.

The original Fair would have been a place where goods were sold and simple fun and games entertained one and all.   Our Fete continues in this manner with Stalls selling produce, gifts’ nick nacks, competitions, games, food and drink to sustain you through the festivities.

Barton Stacey 775 Fete 2016 (38)


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