Grenfell Appeal

Grenfell Fire Appeal

Commemorating the 225th anniversary of the Great Fire of 1792

The catastrophic fire that recently tore through Grenfell Tower in London is a powerful reminder of the impact that such tragedy has upon a community. The loss of life, the trauma inflicted upon witnesses, both family members and those who work for the emergency services, carries deep scars that at best take many, many months to heal. Those who are left in mourning will forever remember the date, 14th June 2017. Amidst this devastating event, the goodwill of neighbours and others has proved vital in reassuring those who have lost everything, that they have not been abandoned.

Similarly, the 8th May, 1792 will forever be a date that causes us as a community to pause and reflect. We do not celebrate this accident of history, rather we remember with gratitude that the loss of life was minimal, and that our forebears had the tenacity and determination, out of ashes, to raise up a new community and build a village that is much loved by those of us who live here today.

Our forefathers and foremothers were ably supported by the generosity of people from across the whole country who rallied to support ‘the destitute of Barton Stacey.’ Our Fete is the main source of income for the upkeep of our ancient Parish Church however the Parochial Church Council have agreed that £500 from money raised today will be sent ‘with our love and prayers’ to the people of the Grenfell Tower community.

As we commemorate the 225th anniversary of the Great Fire of 1792, we hold in heart and mind those whose lives have similarly been shattered by the Great Fire of 2017.

Revd. Mark Bailey


The fete team would like to raise sufficient funds to match the generous donation from the PCC.  If you would like to help us achieve this please fill in a pledge form in your programme or collect one from the History tent, the Grand Draw tent or at the Bar/BBQ and leave the completed form on any stall.

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