Knights Trail

A Knights Trail

14 Barton Stacey Knights are being displayed in shops around Andover to celebrate the Fete which was established by Royal Charter in 1241.

Last year 19 Knights were carved out of industrial building foam and then decorated by over 150 people from separate village groups to celebrate the anniversary of the Fete.    The Knights have not stopped all year.  After their launch’ overseen by the High Sheriff of Hampshire’ they have visited the Cathedral in Winchester, spent 3 months at the Hampshire Records Office and then spent Easter in the Great Hall….

But they have not been to Andover….Until now!

So they are in the town now ahead of this year’s fete on July 1st.   They are hiding in shops around the town and you have the opportunity to find them.   Sir Gruffalo is probably very easy to find,   but can you find the others.    Look for Billy Boaz and Lady Norma (the WI Knight) and the Lego styled Knight,  Sir Hajime who is in clear view.

Can you find them all?

You can find more on the Knights here.


Established by Royal Charter in 1241